90Ah. Hello old friend.

The Expert Mouse has been around for about 10 years. The first time I tested one was for ReviewCenter.com, and the trackball was “90s computer case beige” in color. It depended on mechanical, dust-gathering wheels to position the cursor.

This is the seventh generation of the Expert Mouse. Now, it’s optical, has a “Scroll Ring” to replace the mouse’s scroll wheel, and has an attaching wrist pad for ergonomics. But it’s basically the same big-old trackball. Same size. Same shape.

A trackball takes some getting used to. The ball rolls smoothly and gets better as the oil from your hands transfers onto it.

There is evidence and argument that says a trackball is better for you than a mouse — and a mouse has been shown to be absolutely terrible for your wrist, so that’s not surprising.

The Scroll Ring is a nice touch. We’ve become hopelessly dependent on scrolling windows on the fly. The real difference here is that you’ll find yourself using all your fingers instead of just one or two. As you get better with the Expert Mouse, its four buttons and the Scroll Ring, you’ll find your fingers flying around it to perform tasks.

Installation is a breeze. Plug it in, and the mouse snaps to action.

I admittedly, still use a mouse for my input needs. The Expert Mouse is as close as I’ve come to converting. It’s a great trackball that’s comfortable, sturdy and functional.

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