The Wii Motion Plus accessory for Wii Remotes will bring increased sensitivity and fluidity where it has been somewhat lacking.‚  This new peripheral will bring true 1:1 motion from hand to on-screen motion, something that will prove to be important with new Wii titles.

Electronic Arts is applying this new technology to its famous sports department of games in hope of making its titles more accurate representations of the sports they depict. ‚ EA announced today Tiger Woods PGA Tour 10 and Grand Slam Tennis.‚  The two games set to release June 16th will be the first of five that take advantage of the Wii Motion Plus technology.‚ ‚  Additionally, EA looks to slice into the plentiful Wii Fit cake with its own EA Sports Active title, which will also use the new accessory and debut in May.

I have played and enjoyed the Tiger Woods titles for Xbox 360, the environments are gorgeous and the online functionality keeps me coming back, but I must say the sport of Golf played on the Wii adds the feeling of immersion the 360 or PS3 cannot recreate.

Peter Moore, President of EA Sports had this to say regarding the new titles:

“On the Wii, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 10 and EA SPORTS Grand Slam Tennis bring the authentic motion and excitement of championship golf and tennis to life for fans of all ages and skill levels, with the new Wii MotionPlus, slicing a winner on Centre Court at Wimbledon or dropping an 8 iron pin high on No. 17 at TPC Sawgrass have never felt better.‚  We couldn’t be more excited about the dynamic new EA SPORTS experiences coming this year to the Wii.”

Grand Slam Tennis will follow a character you create to the four major championships while putting the racket in the palm of your hand now with a true 1:1 feeling.‚  My main gripe with previous tennis installments has been just that, the lack of total control while on the court.‚  I felt generally in command of my ground strokes and shot placement ability, but there were times, when what I thought was a perfectly stroked ball would fly long and leave me hanging my head in anguish.‚  Thankfully Nintendo is releasing the Wii Motion Plus, at a to be determined date and price, that will alleviate the problems.

In other Electronic Arts news, Pandemic studios, creators of Lord of the Rings: Conquest today announced new downloadable content featuring new heroes and maps.

Available today on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, the Heroes and Map Pack features two new multiplayer maps, two new Hero Arenas, and three additional playable heroes.

Michael Saladino, Senior producer at Pandemic Studios had this to say about the new DLC:

“The Lord of the Rings universe offers so much variety and depth and we wanted to pass more of this incredible experience to fans, the Heroes & Maps pack gives gamers a chance to experience even more intense battles with their friends online and explore more of Middle-earth.”

The three new characters from the Tolkein universe are the frightening and brutal Gothmog, the ill-fated Boromir, and the lovely Elvin Maider Arwen.‚  New multiplayer maps will be compatible with exisiting game-types and will take place in the scorching lava fields in Battle of the Last Alliance and the sheltered forests of Amon Hen.

Two new Hero arenas Minas Tirith and Weathertop are perfectly constructed as an intense and intimate battle setting.‚  Still angry about how the whole battle for Middle Earth turned out? Settle your differences on these new arenas and get the last word.

The Heroes DLC is the second installment of DLC in just as many months and with many not so pleasant reviews of Conquest , many fans feel the two extensions should have been included on disc originally.

Heroes and Map Pack is available on Xbox 360 for 800 MS points and $9.99 for PS3 owners.

Xbox 360 owners start your download here

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