Who would have thought this time last year that Robert Pattinson would be presenting at the Oscars?

“Twilight”, with the help of millions of screaming girls, has brought Bert a long way. He was in surprising demand to be interviewed considering the superstars present at the event, and one channel even cut away from an interview with the “Slumdog Millionaire” kids to show him posing for pictures along the red carpet. That’s a big deal because those kids were an adorable favorite for the night.

It was a pleasant surprise, no doubt, to thousands of girls out there (and probably his managers as well) to see that his beloved, trademark locks are growing back in quickly for the upcoming filming of New Moon in March. Wearing a classic black tux and skinny bow tie, Rob showed us he really can clean up well. He even shaved off most of the surprisingly sexy hobo beard he had forming.

After walking the red carpet, which was much calmer than I’m sure he’s used to, being free of fangirls, Rob could be seen sitting almost directly behind Mickey Rourke during the show (note: Rob Pattinson had a better seat than Tina Fey who was about two rows behind him. How did that happen?). Rob took the stage with Amanda Seyfried from “Mama Mia!” to introduce a montage of what Romance looked like in film in 2008. After a few lines, and a few chuckles from the audience, it was hard not to wonder what happened to Rob’s accent. Was he channeling Edward Cullen to dazzle the audience? It just might have worked.

At the Vanity Fair after party, Pattinson could be seen chatting with fellow heartthrob Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens. What some teens out there wouldn’t give to find those three in one room…

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  1. Alice

    Right now Rob Pattinson is carrying a franchise on his shoulders and the FANS have chosen him to admire!

    Everyone I know is a fan of Rob and none of us are anyplace near being a teenager, nor are they all female… so I don’t think it’s just the girls who are making him so popular. He’s got a huge and diverse fan base now.

    And he’s so darn nice you just want to protect him!


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