Indianapolis Colts GM Bill Polian announced today that the Colts have released WR Marvin Harrison.

“We today have released Marvin Harrison because of salary cap considerations,” Polian said.

“Marvin let us know his preference was to be released. Both Jim Irsay and I felt very strongly that after Marvin’s long and dedicated service to the Colts, we would, in this painful circumstance, be guided by Marvin’s wishes.

“This is a sad day for the Colts. Marvin Harrison, in addition to being a certain Hall of Famer, has been a good friend, model professional and a loyal and dedicated teammate. His record-setting achievements brought about by immense talent, work ethic and dignified professional demeanor have thrilled Colts fans for a generation. Marvin today takes his place alongside Raymond Berry, forming the greatest receiving tandem in Colts history. He will, in due time, join Raymond in the Pro Football Hall of Fame and take his rightful place with the greatest players in the history of the game.

“On behalf of his legion of fans in Indianapolis and his many friends and admirers in the Colts organization, Jim Irsay and I sincerely thank Marvin for all he has done for us. We wish him every blessing and success in the future.”

“When Marvin’s playing career comes to an end, we look forward to bringing him “Home” to Indianapolis, installing him in the Ring of Honor and joining all his fans in thanking him and celebrating his remarkable career.

“Godspeed Marvin, we will miss you.”

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