Fallout 3 fans rejoice! Bethesda Softworks has released a few screen shots of their newest upcoming Xbox 360 downloadable content for Fallout 3 called The Pitt. The new screens include a preview of one more interesting new weapons in the approaching DLC called the AutoAxe.‚  The other screens show the impressive environments that will only be discoverable with a download of the Pitt.

The Pitt put characters in the middle of a struggle between the Raiders and their slaves in what is left of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Unlike Fallout 3’s previous DLC, The Pitt will be based in a present day reality and offer many different karma driven options.‚  Also, throughout the quest, players will be put through many difficult and often “morally grey” choices.‚  Be prepared to fight foes, find weapons and enjoy new experiences unique to the soon-to-be-released DLC.‚  The Pitt will be available through Xbox Live in March 2009 for 800 points/$9.99.

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