Capcom continues to tease us with horrific yet imaginative screens from their latest endeavor, and today’s batch is no exception.‚  These five brand new Resident Evil 5 images depict a range of artistic creativity from the decrepit slobbering canine to the terrifying behemoth of what looks like a sewn together ogre.

I suppose these artistic creations are to be expected in the horror genre of video games, but still, every time I lay my eyes on a newly devised beast, I tremble in anticipation of meeting them in the game.

The first illustration of the parasitically-controlled human is most frightening to me.‚  If viewed from the bottom up, things look normal and in place at first.‚  Sandals, I get that, it’s warm in Kijuju, have to let the toes breathe, makes sense.‚  Next I see the typical blue jeans; again, the familiarity is soothing.‚  And oh, a nice striped shirt, this isn’t sounding so bad after all.‚  And then I see it, the scorpion-like tail projected out of where a head should be.‚  Clearly we have entered the Resident Evil universe.

Fans of the Resident Evil series will be pleased to know Ozwell E. Spencer, President of Umbrella Corporation will make a complete appearance in Resident Evil 5.‚  Anyone who says Spencer died in the aftermath surrounding the destruction of Raccoon City is blatantly wrong.‚  This ominous screen of Spencer calmly resting in a wheelchair wearing bathrobe and slippers, hands together, plugged into some health monitoring system is proof he is very much alive.

When I first played the RE5 demo I was instantly put off by what I thought was a garbled mess of a control mechanic.‚  However, I have since revisited the two level demo and have only praise and incredible anticipation for the title.‚  I still do not understand why I must walk up to an enemy, draw my knife, execute my melee attack and be on my way.‚  Nevertheless, the incredible graphics and scenes of sheer terror will undoubtedly draw me and millions of others to the full title come March.

With every release of never before seen screens, my eagerness to blow their heads off increases exponentially.‚  I respect the combatants Capcom has created but I know I’ll have a blast blowing them to bits!

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