Woke up this morning to a pair of slap-you-in-the-face headlines. The first, from Boingboing, is a good earnest ‘how is everybody doing’ post:

What are you telling yourself? How are you all sleeping at night? Are you hedging your bets with canned goods and shotguns, or plans for urban communal farming? Are you starting a business? Restructuring through bankruptcy? Moving back in with your parents?

My favorite Spider Robinson aphorism is “Shared joy is increased, shared pain is lessened.” Jump into the comments and tell us about your plans, dreams, denial and successes.

The second, from the Post? Not so good: Swift, Steep Downturn Crosses Globe.

The echo-chamber answering its own question? It’s weird to wake up to realize the apocalypse might have happened, and I slept through it. The market is amazing that way.

Commenters/trolls: how you doing with the economy? Everything alright on your end? Do you still have a job? Afraid you’ll lose it?

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