TORONTO — Obama’s coming up to Ottawa tomorrow and Canadians are in a frenzy. Thousands of people are making their way to the nation’s capital, with the knowledge that catching even a fleeting glance of the 44th president will be nearly impossible.

But who cares? People want the atmosphere, knowing they are in the same city as Obama, or “the kid” as I now call him.

The kid will touch ground around 10:30 a.m. tomorrow morning, then head straight to Parliament Hill for a few day meetings and lunch with our ridiculously incompetent leader, Stephen Harper. Who? It’s OK if you don’t know his name. He doesn’t do much worth talking about. He can rock a sweater vest like nobody’s business though.

The trip from the airport to the Hill isn’t far, and people will surely be lined up along all possible routes (since the actual route is being kept secret) hoping to catch a glimpse of the kid sitting in his huge limo. But they won’t be able to, since it’s outfitted with five-inch thick glass.

Ottawa police tell residents to expect surprise road closing and changes to parking and bus schedules. Road barriers go up around 7:30 a.m.

Obama will only be in Canada for a few hours, but Canadians are honored that his first international trip is up north. Canadians will boast for years to come that Obama came to Canada before any other country in the world.

Oh and by the way, Obama will also meet with Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff, a.k.a our next prime minister. He will discuss, with both Ignatieff and Harper, U.S.-Canada trade relations, the economy and the environment.

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