7 of 10Kensington’s USB display solution is a very simple product that does something very complicated.

The device allows computers with single-display video cards to add a second monitor using only an available USB port.

The adapter is just a box with a USB port and a digital video port and supports widescreen 1440 x 1050 and up to 1280 1040 standard.

The device works, but there are some troubles. Installation in Vista takes forever. I was not impressed with the DisplayLink driver that the adapter installs. The driver changed settings and modes on my primary display. That makes me nervous, especially as a gamer. I don’t want some unpluggable peripheral making changes. Uninstallation also takes forever.

When you do get it up and running, the Dual Monitor Adapter really is a versatile solution, especially for business users. Kensington allows you to stack up to six units if you want to keep going with your displays. I just think there are some question marks – Kensington says it’s plug and play, and that may be the case in XP, but not in Vista or Mac, which still relies on “beta” drivers from DisplayLink.

Take a good hard look before you buy. If you have a laptop, this might be a good solution. If you have a brand new desktop, there’s a good chance your video card already supports two monitors.

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    1) Production drivers for this product for Vista and Mac are http://www.displaylink.com/support/downloads.html and have been there for a year or more.

    2) There are no changes made to the Primary Displaylink connected to the graphics card/chip when using this product in Extended Display mode, or in other words connecting a second monitor not in Mirror mode. However in Mirror mode the Primary graphics card/chip display mode will change to be the same aspect ratio as the second display connected to the USB Adapter. This is purely a Microsoft recommend operation mode for “Mirrored Displays” and has nothing to do with the DisplayLink software. In fact, if you install another graphics card and connect a second monitor using “Mirror mode” then the same thing will happen.

    3) I use this product everyday with my gaming desktop and have never seen any issues when using it in “Extended Display” mode. This product was not designed for games to run on it, but to connected a second display to easily run other standard applications like Web, IM, or any other everyday application that is not 3D games, for those use your Primary Graphics card.

  2. n.r.

    It takes “forever” to install huh?

    Instead of using relative terms to describe durations, next time get a stopwatch.


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