When we hear of a miracle diet pill that will promise to make us look like Heidi Klum by summer, we buy it. We also, no doubt, failed miserably at achieving those results! Why? Because nobody can look like Heidi Klum, unless, you’re Heidi Klum.

Well one small town smarty has come up with the next best thing to fighting the fat before summer, and it has nothing to do with fad diets and harsh diet pills. Casey Kurutz, of New Castle, Pa., and founder of SlimPerfect has created swimwear and active wear (that can conveniently be used as both) that I have deemed this year’s “Slim-suit.”

So how does one woman come to change the swimsuit nightmares we all have and turn them into a dream come true?

Kurutz bathing suit dreams came to life in 2007 when she told her family she was going to design a new swimsuit and active-wear line. She had struggled enough with pool-side anxiety, and decided to do something about it. “I could not find any swimwear on the market that flattered my figure and made me feel as confident as I did in other areas of my life,” says Kurutz. “My family was skeptical at first until they saw the line in person but they knew there was a need for what I was creating.”

With two young children and another full time business that she runs, you wouldn’t think that in one year’s time she would be on her feet and selling swimsuits, but she is.

So here’s the skinny on SlimPerfect’s slimming collection of swimwear. They have skirts, skorts, bikini tops, dresses, sleeved dresses, tankinis, sleeved tankinis and capris. That was a mouth full. I think many women will feel empowered knowing they can go out and participate in activities they once felt self conscience doing, like playing with their kids at the beach or pool. We all have body flaws, and SlimPerfect seems to have a solution for all of them. Just mix and match the pieces that suit you.

SlimPerfect’s swim and active wear promises to provide great coverage including tummy, thigh and buttock tamers, sleeved pieces and removable molded gel-filled bra cups (great for those who feel a little cheated in the chest.)

Kurutz has also thought of something most swimwear companies haven’t even considered, women who have had mastectomies. With removable molded gel-filled bra cups, you can remove the side that you don’t need or replace it with your own prosthesis. Talk about “awareness” of an issue that is truly stressful for a woman.

Some of the suits also have sewn-in pockets that are great for keys, phones, or even the baby’s binky. How many times have you been hanging out at the sandbar and lost the keys to the boat? Perfect solution here.

All pieces can be worn as swimwear or active-wear with sizes ranging from 8 – 18. And even more thrilling to hear, they are made in the USA.‚ Kurutz‚ really did think of everything.

We all deserve to stop having pity parties when we really should be enjoying the warm weather months with friends and family. Besides that, ‚ a‚ slim-suit‚ sounds much better than a swimsuit so go ahead and check one out.

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Kristin Lambert is a freelance writer from Michigan.

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