The Federal Bureau of Investigation offered some insight into the case of one of their most wanted criminals Wednesday, in a case that’s straight out of Boston.

James “Whitey” Bulger, the infamous South Boston crime boss, is reportedly responsible for the murders of 19 people.

The FBI believes that Bulger is living abroad, and scheduled the Wednesday briefing in order to give the case some “international exposure.”

“The focus of the case has become international. We hope to make his world smaller for him” said Richard Teahan, a Supervisory Special Agent in the FBI’s Boston office.

Though the FBI does not know his exact whereabouts, they did recently locate two of his international bank accounts — one in London and one in Ireland. The Bureau believes that Bulger’s criminal activities could have earned him anywhere from $10 million to $30 million.

Bulger has been at large for 14 years. His success in staying free is due in large part to his spending nearly two decades preparing to be a fugitive. He has money in accounts all over the world, and only ever uses cash, authorities say.

The alleged crime boss has several disguises and is constantly sporting fake mustaches and changing hair colors. He is said to be an avid collector of World War II and Adolf Hitler memorabilia and supposedly always pockets a knife.

Bulger, who is now 79, has vowed he will never return to prison. There is currently a $2 million reward for his capture, the largest the FBI has ever placed on a criminal in their top ten.

Even as a youth, Whitey was charged with assault, robbery and rape.

While in South Boston, Bulger infiltrated the FBI and local law enforcement agencies, creating a public distrust for the city’s police, that lasts even to this day.

“He left a scar on the community” said Teahan.

Bulger’s companion, Catherine Greig, is also wanted for harboring a fugitive. A force composed of the FBI, Massachusetts Department of Corrections, and Massachusetts State Police have been looking for both.

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