With this already overrated recession lingering on and businesses offering only some discounted prices or sales, many women are wondering what to do about their beauty routine. Is it prudent to go and spend $200 on a sugar scrub massage? Will Obama be disappointed if you get your $50 French lotion? Well, fear dry skin and critics no longer. Chloe&Jane, an all-natural skin care line, is offering quality spa products for less than expected.

Laura Albin (aka Jane) founded Chloe & Jane in 2007 after an “aha” moment in the shower with her friend’s, Wendy Viscuglia‚  (aka Chloe), handmade sugar scrub.‚  Realizing the importance of taking time to pamper yourself, she created a collection of bath and body products to inspire, renew, and entertain. What started with one scrub is now a five-product line in three delicious but subtle fresh spa scents that has celebs like Debra Messing and Christina Milian singing it praises.

“The idea, the initial idea, started in the kitchen of a friend of mine (Wendy Viscuglia), and she’s totally into going to the spa and I’m into buying soap at Target,” said Albin, co-founder, who started mixing ingredients for scrubs shortly after trying Viscuglia’s. “So Chloe became her image, a more fru-fru gal, and Jane was just plain Jane. We thought about this to show the two sides of the product, it’s a great line with fragrances that don’t overpower and won’t scare the people like me but it has high quality for the high maintenance women who want their spa needs fulfilled. The people I know are either one or the other type of consumer, but everyone likes this spa at home line”

In wanting to bring the products to “spa veterans and spa virgins” alike, Albin thought of possible recipes and packaging ideas. She came up with an eco-chic line made of paraben and artificial dye-free products and went with a recyclable packaging. Plus, she decided to never test on animals.

“It took 9 months to put everything together and we have been in the market for little less than a year. We didn’t expect it to be so well received and be such a great product so in that sense it has been very fun to bring the spa to people who have never been to the spa. We definitely want the brand to grow even more than body care, that’s the launching point for us, but we’d rather stay in the retail market rather than higher end stores. That way we reach more places and have the line be about girlfriends and taking care of yourself,” Albin added.

Each item smells and feels amazing with a choc full of “good for you ingredients;” like grapeseed oil, which helps in cell renewal, or Japanese green tea leaf extract, known to reduce puffiness and is packed with antioxidants. ‚ But most appealing, oddly enough, are the product’s designs. Chloe&Jane prints fun anecdotes on the side of every package. From crazy waxing stories to do-it-yourself nightmare experiences. Once you see those little tales, you know the product is authentic, made and used by women who understand what women want.

Like Albin, also a mother of two, explained, it is always amazing to see how you can be great friends with someone so different from you. The stories added to the packaging help in creating a community amongst women who may be very unalike but can still form strong bonds despite it all.

“From a female perspective there’s this idea that you should exercise your passions and hope, follow your ambitions and that’s what we’re doing as far as the business. There’s a need to have good natural products that are not so serious, though, so we want to connect to our customers and we want to let you know its cool to be green while having fun and having a laugh,” Albin said.‚ 

All the items retail from $12-$26 and are available online. For a limited time Blast readers can also enjoy 20% off the Chloe&Jane product line. Enter the code: Blast48 at the website’s check out, and if you’d like to win a spa kit enter the giveaway by February 28!

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