80It’s 1997 and I’m in a movie theater arcade.‚  In one hand, I have my light gun.‚  In the other, a large cup of Hawaiian Punch.‚  I have been shooting enemies left and right while dipping behind makeshift cover such as barrels and cars to reload and buy myself some time.‚  I have cleared the stage and I am now facing the boss.

His mouth opens and I hear a voice:
“Chase, what do you think is the most important factor to consider when launching a new entrepreneurial venture?”

I snap out of my trance and realize that the year is actually 2009, I’m in class, and, most shockingly, I’m playing Time Crisis on my iPhone.

Namco Networks
Feb. 4, 2009

Since its release on February 4, this nostalgic flashback scenario has surely occurred many times thanks to Namco’s release of their iPhone adaptation of their popular title Time Crisis.

Time Crisis Strike is a very simple railed first-person shooter app for the iPhone.‚  Much like the original title, Time Crisis Strike does not only focuses on the quick shooting skills needed for most FPS but also uses the concept of using cover to one’s advantage as well.

The two main functions in Time Crisis Strike are to shoot and to duck.‚  To shoot, players simply use their finger or thumb and tap the screen.‚  To kill most enemies, all one has to do is tap on the foe once.‚  However, some enemies take more than a single shot, so tap accordingly.

To take cover, players won’t have the luxury of stepping on and off a pedal like in the classic arcade version.‚  Instead, users need to tilt the iPhone forward (or backward, depending on what setting you use) to hide from enemy fire.‚  Tilting also serves as your only method of reloading.

Though a creative idea, tilting the screen also provides some visibility issues.‚  Playing indoors is fine, but outdoors with a heavy sun glare makes the game nearly impossible to play.‚  Also, if you have a protective film cover for your iPhone screen, be sure it’s polished and free of bubbles otherwise, you won’t be able to see.

Time Crisis Strike provides players with a few different playing options.‚  First, lets go over the arcade mode.‚  Not surprisingly, this mode allows users to travel through a completely railed mission.‚  Initially, there is only one mission is available to play, but once you beat “Get “Ëœem All”, four more campaigns will be waiting for you.

Second, Time Crisis Strike also has the option of playing in “One Stage Trail” mode.‚  This mode allows players to trying a beat their high score on a certain chapter of mission.‚  However, players will not be able to play on a chapter they have not already beaten.

Finally, users have the option of playing in a “Crisis Mission” mode.‚  This mode challenges players to perform tasks such as shoot all the enemies within a certain time or only shoot the enemies of a certain color.‚  “Crisis Mission” will certainly pose a challenge for even the most advanced of iPhone users and gamers alike.

Time Crisis Strike is a success.‚  Sure, the graphics aren’t incredible and the interface isn’t exactly perfect.‚  But, does any iPhone FPS really succeed at one of these, let alone both?

Nothing will quite beat the feeling of stepping on and off a pedal and shooting a peripheral gun, but Namco did as well as they could given the platform.‚  The game is challenging and the campaigns last long enough to keep one entertained for a while.

At $5.99, Time Crisis Strike could be a questionable purchase for some, especially for those new to FPS.‚  However, if you are an experienced gamer and need a way to spend all that iDough from those iTunes gift cards you got over the holidays, Time Crisis Strike isn’t a bad option.

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