Since publishing our last article about Bobby Long and friends, we’ve gotten a lot of responses from fans who were upset because New York and California were too far for them to travel to see Bobby play live, but professed their undying love in any case. This is your chance to prove that love, girls.

Blast just received this information from Phil Taylor, Bobby’s manager:

“Bobby Long is going to release at least two singles before he comes to America to play shows in April. He would like to say a huge thanks to the fans by letting them chose which song they want him to release first. This will be an acoustic track available from iTunes only. If enough people buy the song Bobby will chart in the US and in the UK. This will bring him to the attention of more fans and record labels – and speed up the delivery of a full album to you all!

If you would like to vote for a song please leave Bobby Long a Myspace message at stating which of his own songs you would like to see released as his first single.”

You know what to do.

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