NEW YORK — Hold up, I know what you’re thinking. Why would you want to play Ghostbusters on Wii when there’s a perfectly great looking, photo-realistic version coming out at the exact same time for those systems with the high-definition visuals? Here’s your answer: because this game is fun, and quality gameplay trumps all.

Here’s the deal with the Wii version of Ghostbusters. Red Fly Studios (developer of Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars, one of Wii’s top titles from 2008) knew that simply porting the Wii version over from the other consoles was not the way to make a quality game, so instead they have built a different game specifically for the Wii.

Rather than a realistic visual style, the Wii version uses a more cartoon influenced style, but that doesn’t detract from the atmosphere. Instead, what you get is a different take on an established franchise, as the characters also look markedly different from the cartoon series. The visuals I saw were from an earlier build, so I was assured by Red Fly that the one they have going now looks superior, but even on the old build you could see how well the style of the game was coming out. Check out the included screens to see what I mean, but keep in mind that those are also outdated when compared to where the game is now.

In addition to that, the same sound team (GL33k) that worked on Mushroom Men is putting together the music for this Wii game. Sadly, I couldn’t hear their contributions thanks to the noise at Comic Con, but if their input is, quality-wise, on the same level as what I expect based on my previous experiences with them, then they will only add to the game’s appeal.

Like the other Ghostbusters title, this one takes place two years after Ghostbusters II. You begin by picking a character from a few templates (you can be either a male or female in this version; you’re the new recruit on the Ghostbusters team) and then you’re put to work capturing ghosts.

As for the actual gameplay, this version of Ghostbusters utilizes the Wii Remote in effective ways. You’re in a third-person, over the shoulder view, and you use the IR pointer on the controller to aim and to look around. Once you’re in motion, you have plenty of things to keep you occupied. Ghosts will appear, and you must defeat them or capture them, depending on the size and strength of the specter. They will also hide in different objects, and you will need to find them using your PKE meter and by blasting around with your pack.

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