NEW YORK — Comic-Con is a place for geeks and nerds nationwide to gather and spend a whole weekend thriving in an environment created especially for them. There are booths set up with special edition collectibles, comic book authors and artists signing their works galore and plenty of panels set up to keep the appetites of television and movie lovers whet until their next opportunity for the ultimate geekdom in San Diego.

But what happens when those geeks just happen to be celebrities as well? The large majority of the actors, directors and producers who are being featured at NYCC are huge nerds themselves and undoubtedly would rather be watching through the exhibit hall than sitting up on a panel listening to people ask for autographs and spoilers.

There’s nothing more obvious than a pack of security guards wrapped around someone who is trying to be seen, so these two tried a different approach to roaming unnoticed through the artist gallery.


Meet Tony Stark, exhibitor for Marvel Entertainment, otherwise known to we lesser mortals as Seth Meyers, writer and star of Saturday Night Live. Alongside him is Bill Hader, also as an “exhibitor” with Marvel Entertainment.

Drink that milkshake!

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