It’s true that your eyes can deceive you, but on certain occasions, stretching out with your feelings alone is overrated.

Case in point: developer Bioware has released the first in a series of video diaries chronicling the evolution of its much-anticipated MMORPG, this time choosing to focus on the creation of the planet Tython.‚  Rather than hew to the traditional elemental design philosophy of Star Wars games past (“Hey, it’s an ice planet, kinda like–oh, never mind, it is Hoth”),‚  Bioware’s concept artists (and the designers who love them) have modeled‚  a variety of terrains in an effort to keep things fresh during the hundreds of hours they hope you’ll spend romping around their virtual playground.

The video provides an in-depth look at Bioware’s creative process (as well as the sweet action figures on the desks of the creators), so wannabe artists, writers, and figurine collectors may find the content especially edifying. Everyone else‚  can content themselves with the extensive in-game footage, which demonstrates the full power of this battle sta-er, game engine.

Looks like everything is proceeding as Bioware has foreseen, but don’t take our word for it: check out the video below.

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