SouthPeak Games (Mushroom Men: The Spore Wars; Big Bang Mini) is attending Comic-Con this upcoming weekend in New York City, and they are bringing many of their new games on tap. One of these titles is X-Blades, the multiplatform hack-and-slash with a unique look and some inspired gameplay elements to it.

Ayumi, the female lead, has been designed in an anime/cel-shaded style, and has been plopped down into a world full of temples that have a striking fantasy design to them. The combination looks alluring in stills, and is something that I would like to see in motion. Thankfully, members of Blast Magazine will be attending Comic-Con this weekend, and we’ll get a shot to check out X-Blades in person.

The gameplay is set to be deep but simple at the same time, with different magical alignments (Light and Dark, and the ending changes based on which you follow) as well as a variety of skills that you can purchase. This is a plus, as many action games with leveling systems upgrade your skills automatically; in X-Blades, you will get to focus on the areas that you want to excel in, making you an excellent fighter in the style of your choice.

The controls are designed in a way that allows button mashers to succeed without memorizing countless combos, but there is enough variety in the attacks and spells that you can put together those kinds of impressive stretches of offense if you are so inclined.

We’ll have more on X-Blades after Comic-Con, and will also have a full review of the game after its release. Check back here for more on this and other games featured at Comic-Con this week and next.

X-Blades is a multiplatform title releasing for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PC platforms.

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