The WiiWare lineup is about to get a game unlike any other on the service, as developer Wayforward Technologies’ (of Contra 4 fame) 3D horror puzzler LIT is set to launch next Monday, February 9. LIT stars an emo teenager named Jake who finds his high school invaded by dark creatures; his goal is to find his girlfriend, Rachael, but along the way, he needs to stay in the light and away from the dangers of the dark.

The game is designed to make use of the Wii’s technology, so the IR pointer is implemented, as is motion control. Throw a cherry bomb with a flick of the Wii Remote, or point your flashlight or aim the slingshot using the IR function of the controller.

Besides battles with five bosses, there will also be puzzling, a staple of any horror title. Occasionally, Rachael will call you on the school’s phone system as well, warning you of danger and worrying for your safety; these calls will come through the Wii remote’s speaker, and reveal details of Rachael’s backstory.

The title looks intriguing, and it is one that we will review for you next week after it releases. Be sure to check out the screens in the art gallery, as well as the trailer below. LIT releases on February 9 exclusively on WiiWare for 800 points. Check out LIT’s official website for even more screens, as well as concept art and a free downloadable soundtrack.

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