With a degree in Architecture from Princeton University, one would call Christine Rhee’s path into fashion anything but typical.‚  In an industry where fresh-faced designers come and go with the change of every fashion season, her line CRHEE has set itself apart.

Incorporating a sense of modernity with attention to form and detail, CRHEE’s designs are infused with the clean lines and geometric patterns that only a degree in architecture could explain.‚  Yet when asked what inspires Rhee, it is not her knowledge of building and design that one may have expected.‚ 

“I was very inspired by my own idea of Americana.” And so Rhee created shirts, pants, jackets, dresses and tanks, radiating the persona’s of Johnny Cash and Bruce Springstein of course.‚  In considering Cash’s call for black, and The Boss’s masculine appeal, Rhee’s rendition of the little black dress developed.‚ 

The “Slow-Dive” dress separates itself from everything else you may have seen, with unexpected cut-outs and a bold new shape.‚  But what does Rhee love most about her stand-out creation?‚  “Its slimming and it covers stains.”‚  Honesty at it’s best.‚ 

Fusing classic, practical pieces with futuristic elements, CRHEE is edgy without being avant-garde and is feminine without underwhelming by means of expected colors and pretty patterns. Utilizing flattering cuts, the designs arrive to the fashion scene with beautifully tailored and conceptual clothing.

However, these adjectives, modern, bold, and conceptual, may frighten the common woman. She may wonder; are these designs too daring? Are they wearable?‚  What kind of customer is this young designer aiming for?

“I see a smart woman who loves clothes and design.” Says Rhee.‚  Task accomplished.‚  Her pieces are classic, and wearable.‚  From the uber-trendy twenty something, to the already established fifty-something, CRHEE’s pieces are universally flattering with fresh twists that all women can enjoy.

The word “Trendy” however, may strike fear into the hearts of the fashion seeking buyer.‚  For in this world of unyielding consumerism, where today’s trends may be on tomorrow’s “Out” list, it is rare to find a designer who would factor the practical concerns of her buyers into her designs.‚ 

“I want the clothes to last as long as possible for the customer.”‚  As practical as one would expect any Princeton grad, Rhee continues, “I like to get as much mileage out of a purchase as possible.”

To do so Rhee has limited her color palette to tones of black, white, and grays, in an effort to avoid those sometimes-seasonal colors.‚ 

“With the color palette that I use, almost every single piece of the collection can go with any other piece from the collection. I think that makes things very convenient for the customer.‚  I also feel like with a muted palette I can take more risks in terms of form and design of the pieces. I never want to make something that makes someone look cartoonish or outlandish. It’s always important that the clothes remain elegant.”‚ 

Expect Rhee’s designs to remain classic.‚  Her pants will always be wearable, and her dresses current. With CRHEE modern isn’t trendy, the clothes are just smart.‚ 

CRHEE pieces fall between $200 and $800 and are currently sold only online at Crhee.com. It may be a good idea to invest in a few pieces before this designer gets asked to go retail.

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