Eventually you will unlock the various game modes by completing parts of the main arcade mode. There’s a two-player mode that you need only one game cartridge for (though after playing with a fan of the genre, I can assure you they will want to go purchase their own copy) and a “Relax” mode, where you don’t have to fear losing and can instead just enjoy the wonderful fireworks displays that the game allows you to create.

The most addicting mode would have to be the Challenge Mode though, as this is a continuous level of increasing difficulty that keeps score. The score is posted on an online leaderboard, which you can connect to in order to see where you rank amongst the world and your friends. If something like that had been released by itself on the upcoming DSi Ware service that the DSi will utilize, I would have jumped at the chance to purchase and download it. This comes packaged with the game once you finish enough worlds, at no extra charge.

Over 80 levels. Nine unique worlds. The kind of giant boss battles you expect from a 2D shooter. Multiple game modes, including a never ending online challenge. Unique and stylized visuals plus a sound that will stick with you and immerse you in the game. All of this for just $20, which is a total steal of a price. Get this game now, and support Arkedo’s quirky and entertaining style; you won’t be disappointed. If you need additional convincing, take a look at the two trailers posted in this review, courtesy of publisher SouthPeak.

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