The Steelers just knocked off the Cardinals 27-23 in what was one of the best Super Bowls ever. Santonio Holmes, aka Santonio Swann, was huge as he nabbed a Big Ben pass to get the Steelers inside the five-yard line with under a minute to go. Santonio Swann, the game’s MVP, then hauled in a brilliant pass in the corner of the end zone to give Pittsburgh the lead with about :35 seconds to go. He is the third Steelers wide receiver to win Super Bowl MVP.

Phenomenal, phenomenal game.

If you are trying to get a hold of Guilfoil, don’t bother. He just dialed 866-NFL-5959 to buy his eco-friendly Super Bowl hat and t-shirt. So he’ll be busy for a while.

Lynn Swann was the MVP of Super Bowl X, and Hines Ward took the award in 2005’s Super Bowl XL.

Mr. Holmes didn’t put up huge numbers during the season, but had a big day when it counted. Hence, Santonio Swann.

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