Though the full package of Time Trial maps for Mirror’s Edge has been pushed back until February, the free PS3 exclusive map “Synesthesia” is still on target to be released today. This map will give you an idea of what the rest of the maps will be like, as, according to producer Tom Farrer, via the Playstation Blog, they wanted to “leave the city behind” in order to create more abstract maps that focused on the core of the Mirror’s Edge experience. Meaning, lots of fantastic, stomach-twisting parkour movements, and this time without machine guns.

The inspiration for the maps is basically the things Faith would dream about, if she were also running in her dreams. There’s no overall theme to them that links them all together, but still, today’s release should give you an idea of what EA was shooting for when they put this time trial map idea together. Check out the trailer for the PS3 exclusive map below, and be sure to download it when it’s available on the PSN today.

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