Michael Buckley, star of the wildly popular “What the Buck?” web show on Youtube, will host the new online series “Minisode Maniac.” The show premiered Jan. 27 on Crackle.com.

“Maniac,” produced by Sony Picture Television, will showcase and comment on different “minisodes” from The Minisode Network. A minisode is a five-minute adaptation of a popular television show, usually older shows like “Married with Children” or “Diff’rent Strokes.” Buckley will showcase clips from the minisodes and provide his patented fast-paced, off-the-wall commentary and trivia.

Buckley became famous for “What the Buck,” a web show on celebrity news and gossip. The show has 335,000 subscribers on YouTube, and Buckley is considered one of the top ten rising stars on the video web site. He recently signed deals with HBO and BlogTV to develop shows for those networks.

“Minisode Maniac” will air monthly on Crackle, YouTube, MySpace, Adobe Media Player, Verizon’s Wireless V-Cast Video and Sprint TV.

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