I love competition. Most sports fans do and so when fantasy was conceived most sports fans‚ saw their‚ wildest dreams answered. I have never played fantasy before (although next year I’m definitely getting in a football league), but last baseball season I used to play Beat the Streak on MLB.com.

The premise is simple. Each day you pick a player that you think will have a hit that day. The site shows you the pitching/hitting match up and you choose who, it can be any player in the league, you think will produce a hit. One hit- that’s all you need. The next day you do the same thing. You can pick a different player everyday if you want. There is really no restrictions to who you pick, just that you have to pick someone. Your streak continues until the player you selected doesn’t produce a hit and then your streak ends and you start all over again. The objective is to have a streak of 57 games. The MLB hit streak was set in 1941 and is 56 games.

It may seem easy, but trust me folks- it isn’t. There are all different strategies to try: riding a hot player, basing it on who is pitching that day, where the game is being played, etc. There is always something that causes your streak to combust. It can be frustrating and addicting. Plus who doesn’t want to win a million dollars?

Well, it’s not quite baseball season yet, although spring training is looming, so today I decided to start playing ESPN’s Streak for the Cash. It is the same concept except there are random games with random questions asked. Will this player score more than this player? Who will score first? You start building a streak and with the goal of a 27 pick streak by the end of March.

The whole thing seems like it was stolen a bit from MLB.com, which I believe offered their version before ESPN came out with theirs, but fun nonetheless. I like the fact that it features many sports situations and you don’t have to play every day-you can pick and choose as you please.

So here I go. Wish me luck! Let me know- have you played before? What is your highest streak?

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Casey Ramsdell is The Girl in the Huddle and a Blast Magazine staff writer

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