John Updike, 76, best selling author, died Tuesday after succumbing to lung cancer.

Updike is survived by his wife Martha, four children from his first marriage, Elizabeth Pennington, David Hoyer, Michael John and Miranda, and three stepchildren.

We’ll bring you more later in the week on the life of Mr. Updike.

By the way: Because of a reporting error, we falsely stated that Mr. Updike wrote “The World According to Garp,” which was written by John Irving.

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  1. Andy Duncan

    John Irving, not John Updike, wrote “The World According to Garp,” and as far as I know Irving is, happily, still with us. Shame about Updike, though.

  2. coffee

    I haven’t fallen in love with all of Updike’s work, though i do enjoy his candid writing style; his passing is a sad loss indeed


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