360 fans, today’s a day to cheer for your console, as Capcom and Microsoft released the demo for Resident Evil 5 exclusively for Gold Live members today. Though it will be available on the Playstation Network and for everyone else next week, getting it early sure beats waiting any longer for it-and I say this as someone who is looking at the download progress bar on their own television at this moment.

On that note, we will have hands-on impressions of the demo hear at Blast Games this week. The hope is to get you information on both the solo play as well as the co-op, which can be played with someone else over Xbox Live, and to tell you how well it holds up. I’m just hoping the controls are tight enough that I won’t miss my zombie headshots via the Wii Remote, or I’ll be even more upset Capcom didn’t port this over to the Wii using the RE4 engine.

Resident Evil 5 releases for both Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 in March. Download the demo today if you can, and tell us what you think of the series progression from true survival horror to action-oriented shooter.

From Capcom:

“Resident Evil 5” Demo Available Exclusively on Xbox LIVE Today

Xbox 360 is inviting members of Xbox LIVE to be among the first to get hands on with an exclusive, playable demo of the upcoming “Resident Evil 5,” available one week before anywhere else, starting today for Xbox LIVE Gold members.* The launch means that millions of Xbox LIVE members around the globe will get access to this special sneak peek before any other platform.

In preparation for the eagerly awaited arrival on Xbox 360, March 13th 2009, Resident Evil fans will be challenged to be the first to find the secret at www.Xbox.com/RE5, then head to www.residentevil.com/Kijuju to crack the code starting at the end of January.

As part of the demo launched today, fans will be able to get hands-on with new “Resident Evil 5” features including three new levels of single- and two player co-op play (limited to Gold members), characters, weapons and environments. In this latest installment of the renowned survivor-horror franchise, returning “Resident Evil” hero Chris Redfield is joined by new partner Sheva Alomar to take on the frightening effects of the latest bioterrorist attack in the depths of Africa.

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