So what do you do when there’s so much going on in the world that you can’t chose what to blog about?

I haven’t posted for a couple of days, and it’s not because I couldn’t or didn’t want to, it’s because I honestly couldn’t chose what to write about.

There’s the year-long truce up for grabs between Hamas and Israel, the poll taken by CNN/ORC that found six in 10 Americans sympathized with the Israelis, and the whole backlash from Obama’s decision to shut Guantanamo.

Then I decided I wanted to write about something positive, I mean the truce is kind of positive but then I thought within the article I’d have to comment on the conflict, which is honestly, for lack of a better word, a bummer.

The poll is just a poll, I mean polls happen, they surveyed like 1,300 people so you know, no big deal.‚ 

And then the Gitmo thing, the whole reason Obama’s delaying some of the tough detailed decisions is because he doesn’t want what just happened to happen (the one guy from Guantanamo that went to Al Qaeda) again. We can’t keep it open just cause one guy went the wrong way, the solution is prevention, making sure that doesn’t happen again. It is possible to do that.

And then the creepiest one, the possible first ever pig-to-human transfer of the Ebola virus was reported in the‚ Philippines, according to the New York Times. The strain fortunately is supposedly not dangerous to humans, but still, creepy. How do you get Ebola from a pig?

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