Contrary to popular opinion, the Golden Raspberry Awards do not derive their name from the delicious summer-and-early-autumn fruit; instead, it refers to what the‚ plebeians call “blowing a raspberry,” whatever that means.

In any case, it is better that the complex politics of awards season is left up to we cinematic aristocrats; after all, the delicate process of viewing film and having an opinion is best left to the professionals. Who but we enlightened elite could know to pass on the critically-acclaimed box-office smash hit in favor of the ignored art house film about a cold stream or something?

As such, it is is my privilege to give my attention to the esteemed candidates for this year’s Golden Raspberry Awards.

Cinema’s favorite growly over-actor garnered a stunning two nominations for “88 Minutes” and “Righteous Kill.” Not to be confused with the excellent Alpa Chino from the nuanced depiction of behind-the-scenes Hollywood in “Tropic Thunder,” Al Pacino is a third- and fourth-time nominee, having been snubbed for the little golden fruit statue in the past for his remarkable roles in “Gigli” and “Revolution.”

However, Pacino’s competition includes the notable Mike Myers, who in this year’s “The Love Guru” employed several (if not all) of his array of humorous talents, all of which are familiar to audiences after viewing them many times before in such comedic gems as “View From the Top,” “Austin Powers in Goldmember,” and “The Cat in the Hat.” In fact the touching “Love Guru” is also a nominee for the main film category, and shares its spotlight with several other serious contenders.

Fresh off a disappointing foray into presidential politics, Paris Hilton’s “The Hottie and the Nottie” garnered several nominations including honors for direction, lead actress, screenwriting as well as a place in the film category.

One-time wunderkind and since-then so-soerkind, M. Night Shyamalan surged back into the Razzie arena with “The Happening,” whose star Mark Wahlberg received a nod in the acting category.‚ 

While I was able to reach Mr. Wahlberg for comment, he made it expressly known that he had no desire to jinx his chances for the win by speaking prematurely about the honor. He will be pleased to know, however, that I have since conveyed his best wishes to my mother.

“Disaster Spartans” and “Meet the Movie” shared most categories, a meaningful acknowledgment to their identical and incredibly hard-working crews, who hope to celebrate twice as hard on the night of the award ceremony at the Barnsdall Gallery Theater.

Though this year’s field is no doubt competitive, experts are confident that the Golden Raspberry Committee will come away with deserving winners – and expect to see a lot of emotion when the ‚ crƒ¨me de la crƒ¨me brulƒ©e is finally revealed on Saturday night, February 21.

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