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If the Season Five premiere indicated anything, it was that Lost needs to give every character parents as cool as Hurley’s. But unfortunately, I don’t think Sayid’s dad could also be Cheech Marin.

Aside from that, the two-hour premiere was as epic as expected. The characters left on the island are in danger, moving through time and space quicker than their human brains can comprehend. Their camp is gone because it “hasn’t been built yet,” friends — like Desmond in the hatch and mysterious Other Richard Alpert — become gun-wielding foes and Charlotte’s nosebleed and memory loss looms as ominous signs for the rest of the castaways.

On the mainland, lawyers (and an unnamed client) come after Kate to prove her maternity of Aaron; Jack and Ben work together to gather the survivors for what Ben has convinced Jack is a very necessary trip back to the island and Hurley and Sayid run into a group of assassins trying to kill them for reasons only an unconscious Sayid knows, while Hurley hides as the media pegs him for three murders Sayid committed.
Interesting points:

Sayid says they should “do the opposite” of whatever Ben tells them to do. Hurley takes this advice to heart when he turns himself into the police for murder rather than return with Ben.

Kate meets up with Sun, who passive aggressively blames her for Jin’s death aboard the freighter. Sun, by the way, has become a fierce bitch between this season and last. She’s dealing with Charles Widmore and tells him she too wants to kill Ben.

The writers are clearly setting us up for some guilty-dirty-Juliet-and-Sawyer-sex because Sawyer believes Kate died on the helicopter and Juliet…well, the man has his shirt off for the whole first hour – can we really blame her?

Faraday manipulates time to plant a memory in Desmond’s mind about their meeting (as each other’s constants) and how he needs to find Faraday’s mother in order to remember, and save, the rest of the survivors.

In the end, Ben approaches a woman in a church who we’ve seen before: the enigmatic Mrs. Hawking. She tells Ben he’s only got 70 hours to convince everyone to return and to find the constantly-moving island. He tells her he obviously needs more time and she tells him to suck it up. My theory here is Hawking is Faraday’s mother.

The Others are apparently running a butcher shop where Ben is storing John Locke’s frozen corpse. While traveling through time, Richard tells Locke he is going to have to die in order to bring everyone back. I think once Locke hits island soil, he’ll be resurrected – have we mentioned Locke is a metaphor for Christ yet? No? You sure?

After finally getting a name and some screen time, Frogurt bites the dust. (Okay, that wasn’t interesting but it was pretty funny. If this show does nothing else, it gives viewers some seriously awesome death scenes – I’m looking at you, Arzt.)

Another theory: My friend, who admittedly watches the show stoned, brought up the idea that Charlotte is Penny and Desmond’s child from the future and her saying she could not remember her mother’s maiden name was a big ol’ clue to that regard. That’s also why she and Desmond can never meet. I’m not sure how much I buy that but then again, I was sober.

Next time on Lost: Getting everyone together for a reunion is going to be harder than Ben anticipated. But if we know anything about the little manipulative twerp, it’s that anything fucking goes.

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  1. Manuel

    Bravo. I agree and slightly agree with all of your theories. Only…

    You’re forgetting Alvar Hanso, and Martin Candle.

    They’re the pieces everyone keeps forgetting about. And since the opening scene is with a record skipping in Fake Mr. Candle/(Halli)Wax. And with that VERY SAME example used by Faraday,…makes me think something went wrong between Management and Scientists at Dharma, the first time around in “The Incident”.


  2. Gaby

    Could be what happened to Rousseau’s people — aka “the sickness.”

    I also forgot to mention how my friend thinks Miles is Candle’s son from the cold open. Could be.


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