Gamespot and ZDNet have a story that novelist Graham Joyce has been hired to write the back story for Doom 4.

More than 15 years ago, gamers met the space marine, and except for occasional scrolling message cut scenes, there wasn’t much of a story to tell. Hell spawn = bad. Shoot a lot.

But it looks like id Software wants to really go noir with the fourth (technically Doom, Doom 2, Thy Flesh Consumed, two Final Doom episodes and then Doom 3 means this is the seventh Doom game, are we missing anything?) in perhaps the most popular and acclaimed video game series ever published.

“Joyce is a decorated scribe, having four times won the British Fantasy Society’s Award for Best Novel,” ZDNet reports. This is an award that Stephen King has won four times.

Joyce’s book, “The Facts of Life” also won a World Fantasy Award for Best Novel in 2003, tying with Patricia A. McKillip’s Ombria in Shadow, ZDNet reported.

We have no other details on Doom 4 at this time.

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