We ladies have all been there, done that, and will more than likely do it again … fake something! We wear push-up bras to give us a more voluptuous boost, skinny it out in skinny jeans to make us appear longer legged. Even strut around in stiletto boots to make our 5’4″ frames appear to be a more modelesque‚ 5’9″. (Of course if you’re me, you will show your grace by falling down a flight of stairs while wearing them! Jump up, dust yourself off and try again, hence the “do it again” scenario.)

Since we can’t seem to help but lash out against our natural born beauty… it doesn’t seem so bizarre to bat our eyes at a new trend that seems to be taking on a view of its own!

openkristinFake eyelashes are all the rage. From the individual ones that you place near the edge of the eye to the full eyelashes, they are a beauty obsession among many women, and in some cases a must-have for nights out on the town.

False eyelashes have been around since 1916, when American film director D.W. Griffith was filming his epic, “Intolerance.” Griffith wanted actress Seena Owen to pop on screen so he invented lashes that brushed her cheeks, so her eyes would appear larger than life. A wig maker wove human hair through fine gauze, which was then gummed to Owen’s eyelids.‚  They continued to be used in films and were also loved by everyday women looking to enhance their look.

Now fast forward almost 100-years and you will still find women winking over their fake and flirty lashes. Only now they are more practical in design but much more daring in style, and selection. Basic black is the most popular of course, but if you’re looking for a more Glamazon look, you can also find: feathered, furry, glittered and show-girly. It’s all a matter of preference, taste and in some cases how daring you dare to be!

Seeing someone in false eye lashes can make a girl wonder… “How did she get those things on?” It’s not exactly rocket science, but it’s not for the shake-y handed either. It does take a little patience, a good mirror and a little insight on how to apply them.

Here are some suggestions I was given by make-up artists:

  • Apply a thin layer of liquid black eyeliner
  • Curl eyelashes with an eyelash curler
  • Before gluing fake eyelashes, lay them over your natural eyelashes to make sure they are the right length
  • If lashes are too long, trim with scissors from the outer edge until you have the right size
  • Squeeze out glue (I use the eyelash plastic container, why not)
  • I use the back of my tweezers to add glue to the base of the eyelashes
  • Wait till the glue is tacky before applying
  • Lay fake eyelashes over your eye and slide down as close to the base of your real lashes
  • And just like that, you have stunning eyelashes!

As you can see, I have worn lashes before, and I wanted to pass on a little tip I learned. Obviously, I was over joyed at the fact I was able to put them on myself and they stayed on! But one helpful find has made my lash locking a little easier- black glue. I tried the typical white when I first started and you could see I over-used it in fear of them falling off. Even though it said the white would dry clear, when you use as much as I did, there was still little remnants of white caked on the lashes. So even though I have gotten better at application, I still prefer the darker glue. Of course, you can always have a professional put them on for you too.

If you are looking for a long term glue-less solution, you can get eyelash implants. Eyelash implants are hair follicles taken from the scalp and sewn into the lash area. It is considered a surgical treatment, but you will have long thick lashes without the need to apply any fake ones. The only down fall is that the hairs that have been transplanted, may need to be trimmed. I wonder how soon there will be a line item at my salon under Eyebrow waxing that says “Eyelash Trim -$ 25.00?” Implants are also a little pricey, so the drugstore false lashes may have to do for awhile!

closedkristinIf you’re into trying new things, but are a little hesitant about lashing yourself out with false eyelashes or eyelash implants, there are a few liquid alternatives. One hot new product on the market today, that won’t break the bank, is called MaxoLash. If you want the lush lashes, but on a more permanent, no muss no fuss or needle basis, Maxolash can be easily applied to your lashes like mascara. Its patented formula allows your eyelashes to grow longer and thicker within a 4 week period.‚ You just need to plan ahead if that’s the case!

Few! Who would have thought there would be so much to say about eyelashes? Even I am amazed at my findings. So get your fabulous blinkers winking with your new found lash love, it’s something to bat your eyes over!

About The Author

Kristin Lambert is a freelance writer from Michigan.

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  1. Laura Katona

    Wow! great article! It is good to hear that lush lashes are becoming more mainstream. I love fake lashes but always felt a little “over-the-top.” Now I will wear my lashes with confidence.


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