Think back to the last time you heard the name “Pacman” in a headline and it was associated with something positive. Maybe during the April 2005 NFL Draft? Probably.

Well, this time, Pacman Jones is being sued by his former agent/attorney Manny Arora, who claims that Pacman owes him some $10,000 in lawyer’s fees. Apparently, the Altanta-based attorney represented Jones or his family in 18 separate cases, which makes you wonder how the fees are only in the $10k range.

The Cowboys recently released Pacman after ESPN drudged up an old story that was already discussed a long time ago because that’s the type of news agency they are.

The suit lists Deborah Jones, James Jones, Lewis Kueffor and Fleming Daniels as the defendants that Arora assisted. The charges range from speeding to kidnapping and simple battery. Oh, and that’s right, Daniels actually was charged with murder. And you thought Pacman was the big a-hole? Sounds like he’s the choir boy in his family.

Pacman has been arrested six times and has been involved in a dozen incidents with the cops since the Titans drafted him in 2005.

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