To this day, one of Blast’s most-read and commented on stories was our snap coverage of the news that Miller would release a 64 calorie beer.

Sunday, we learned that MGD 64 has exploded onto the bar scene nationwide, and it’s 64 calories are available in draft everywhere.

Of course, that’s taking MillerCoors at their word. Please leave us some comments if you see it — or don’t see it — at your local house of refreshment.

The drafting begins this week. MGD launched nationally in bottles and cans in August.

MGD 64 has only 2.4 grams of carbohydrates per serving.

It’s also 2.8 percent alcohol by volume.

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  1. Rob

    Finally a beer for me..I usually go out to the clubs on the weekends for about 2-3 hours, and Im one of those people that cant stand there without a drink. by 2 o’clock I’m usually waisted. Now I can have a good time and not feel like I over did it the next day. Thanks

  2. pompom

    I tried this beer in Phoenix, and loved it, came back to Colo and stores said it wasnt available here yet, when will we get it????

  3. tracy huber

    I love this beer. But how come it cost so much more, If it only has 2.8 % alcohol .


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