It took more than 1200 lives, but it finally came. Prime Minister Ehud Olmert declared a unilateral ceasefire late Saturday night, and is now working to try and stifle the “resupply of Hamas through smuggling from Egypt,” the New York Times reports.

Olmert said all of Israel’s objectives had been reached, and there was no reason for them to continue the fight. Hamas however has vowed to fight on, and will not honor the ceasefire declaration.

The announcement came on the same day an Israeli tank fired at a UN school, killing two young brothers.

The ceasefire could mean an end to the deadly three-week old war, however no guarantee of lasting peace can be made at this time.

For now, the world will be bitterly satisfied that Israel has stopped murdering innocent Gazans. However, as a term in the ceasefire outlines, if Hamas keeps firing at Israel, Israel can fire back.

I’m happy, but a little skeptical and cautious.

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