Steven Joseph Christopher, 42, proves once again why you can’t trust people with the multiple first names.

The Wisconsin native was arrested in Mississippi by Secret Service agents Friday for making threats against President-Elect Barack Obama, U.S. Attorney Dunn Lampton announced.

Authorities say Christopher made threats against Obama on an internet chat forum over a three day period, January 11, 15 and 16.

“Threats against the President-Elect will be taken very seriously,” said Lampton. “Use of internet chat rooms to express those threats is as much a crime as uttering the words. Threats of this nature will be pursued swiftly and vigorously.”

According to an Affidavit filed by Secret Service Special Agent Kelly Adcox, Christopher posted the following on the Web site on January 11:

ok we have 6 days until my Presidential Assasination.

Yes, I have decided I will assasinate Barack Obama. It’s really nothing personal about the man. He speaks well, has a loving although controlling wife and two cute daughters. But I know it’s for the country’s own good that I do this. And I’m not racist either, my family is a little, but isn’t all Italian and european families? I mean how many times have you heard the word (racial slur) in the comforts of your home? I have a lot, and it really bothered me and I would confront them about it. No, it’s not because I’m racist that I will kill Barack, it’s because I can no longer allow the Jewish parasites to bully their way into making the American people submit to their evil ways. How many of you Obama supporters are now disappointed after some of his arm-twisted Jewish appointee decisions??? Make’s you think he’s not really in charge (which he isn’t). No it’s the same old, same old filthy (expletive) (racial slur) who are poisoning America, who have murdered thousands of innocent lives on 9-11-01, and are thinking that they are going to get away with it again.

Barack, I view more as a sacrificial lamb, but the sacrifice MUST take place. He had good intentions, but like the Steve Taylor song goes, “a politician next door, swore, he’d set the Washington arena on fire, thinks he’ll gladiate them, but they’re gonna make him a liar.”

So, I’m stuck here in Mississippi, and I’ll need bus fare or some way of getting to Washington. I don’t own a gun, so maybe someone can give me one. And I’ll need a leak in the secret service to get a close up shot, somewhere close to the podium, since I’ve never fired a gun, so I need to get an easy shot off. Wattdysay fellas? Any help?

You all know we can’t live with the jewscum any longer, dont cha? You got a better solution? I’m all ears.


Also, according to the Affidavit Christopher posted the following on the day he was arrested, January 16:

To those who still think I’m a nobody, who antagonize me, who seek for my capture and arrest…..

I wll have you found, arrested and executed, if you push me too far.

Christopher faces five years in federal prison and up to $250,000 in fines.

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