Blockbuster and Sonic Solutions have joined forces to make a convenient, digital movie service for consumers to use at home and on the go.

The companies’ alliance would offer subscribers to access Blockbuster’s digital library through their electronic and mobile devices from the comfort of their own home or mobile phone.

So now, when you want to rent a movie, game, or anything from Blockbuster, you can access their database of entertainment through your computer, cell phone, Blu-ray disk players and web-connected televisions, among other things.

The partnership marks one of the most expansive video on demand and electronic sell-through choices in the market because of the library provided by the Blockbuster brand. Basically, the world of entertainment will soon be at your fingertips. No more waiting for On Demand to change this month’s movie listings, or going to the video store. Virtually anything and everything will be available for you anytime, anywhere.

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