BRANFORD, Conn. — Being on a diet doesn’t mean you have to shed all social contacts, does it?

So, I’m visiting the family in Connecticut, and my brother and I decide to run out to the bar Sunday night after my Steelers whooped the Chargers.

Of course, EVERYTHING comes with French fries, right?

Enter the tale of the BAR SALADDDDSSSS.

Salads at bars are traditionally terrible, but what I’ve found at three bars across New England so far in 2009 is that more and more bars are adding gourmet, fancy salads to their menus of chicken fingers and burgers.

This was also true at the SBC Brewery here in Branford. The Crispy Green Salad ($3.99 small, 6.99 large) mixes chopped crispy greens, tomatoes, and cucumbers, and your stomach will thank you.

The moral of this post is: don’t be afraid to say “can I do a salad instead of the fries?”

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