Even though you can expect the traditional summer blockbusters, and romantic chick flicks this Valentine’s Day, the Blast staff is excited for these releases. From comedy to sci-fi and star filled casts these are the movies you should look out for.‚ 

After delivering comic gold and commercial success with‚ Superbad, Greg Mottola follows up his directorial debut with the drama/comedy‚ Adventureland. Set in 1987, ‚ Adventureland is‚ about the summer we all wish we had after finishing college.

Guy takes crap job at an amusement park, meets and befriends all the weird employees, falls for the cute girl and ends up having the best time of his life. Starring Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart as well as Ryan Reynolds, Bill Hader (the funniest guy on SNL) and Kristen Wiig (the funniest girl on SNL),‚ Adventureland‚ looks like quality fun – and lots of it.

Although the tag line to this film is, “it was the worst job they ever imagined and the best time of their lives,” the amusement park job itself actually looks kind of fun. I would love to have Bill Hader and his ridiculous moustache as my boss. Who wouldn’t?‚ ‚ 

New York, I Love You
New York, I Love You, is a collection of short films set in New York that, as the title suggests, all revolve around the concept of love in the Big Apple. Based on the successful formula of “Paris, je t’aime,” this NY version seems to find middle ground between art house cinema and the mainstream.

A stellar cast including, Shia LaBeouf, Natalie Portman, Kevin Bacon, Orlando Bloom, Julie Christie, James Caan, Chris Cooper, Hayden Christensen, Ethan Hawke, John Hurt, Blake Lively and many more, ensures that there will be enough variety to please all – at least in theory.‚  Here’s hoping the film will also be able to change the city’s somewhat “crime infested” image – largely the result of the Law and Order franchise.

Everyone who watches that program knows that the longer you spend in NY, the more likely it is that you will die a gruesome death; your body will be found in Central Park; your murder investigation will be carried out by wise cracking yet world weary detectives, who, after kicking their way through A LOT of poorly made front doors will eventually catch the “perp.” Of course in true Law and Order fashion your killer will then get off on a legal technicality because the D.A prosecuting your case is an incompetent fool.

I’m sure NY is a lot nicer than Law and Order would lead me to believe. That’s why there are so many I Heart NY t-shirts. Presumably. ‚ This film will hopefully support my argument.‚ 

Star Trek
Now, I’m going to be brutally honest. I am not a‚ Star Trek‚ fan. I have never seen a‚ Star Trek‚ film/TV show and I have never had the slightest interest in doing so. Until now. As soon as I saw the trailer for J.J Abrams latest‚ Star Trek‚ adventure, a part of me (the nerdy part) went “hey, that actually doesn’t look too bad.”

Whilst this may not sound like a ringing endorsement (I have to see the film before I can do that), the trailer suggests that some kick ass visual effects and an impressive cast might be enough to sway the average non-Trekkie. The film, like most of the recent comic book adaptations, goes back to the origins of the “trek” so that‚ Star Trek‚ newbies (i.e me) will know what the hell is going on.

Also I assume this will allow the filmmakers to atone for the cinematic crimes of previous instalments and will of course establish the tone/characters/plot for any possible sequels. Starring Chris Pine, Zachary “Sylar” Quinto, Eric Bana, Karl Urban and Simon Pegg (star of one of the funniest films I have ever seen, Hot Fuzz, see it now and thank me later),‚ Star Trek‚ looks set to impress both fans and the clueless alike.‚ ‚ ‚ 

Sherlock Holmes
Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock Holmes + Jude Law as Watson + Guy Ritchie as The Director = Awesome.

What more can I say? No trailer as of yet.‚ 

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
Finally! Ever since Warner Brothers (in its infinite and flawed wisdom) bumped‚ Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince‚ off its late 2008 release, fans have been impatiently waiting for the boy wizard’s next adventure to hit the screen. The sixth instalment of the Harry Potter series looks set to be just as successful as its predecessors and the trailer suggests that the film is worth the wait.

As the films get progressively darker -another beloved character will meet its demise – Harry and his friends battle against dark forces in their quest to destroy Voldemort again… and yeah you all know the story. As usual fans of the books will flock to the cinema, whilst the Harry Potter haters will avoid it like the plague. Cast regulars return and Jim Broadbent joins the Hogwart’s staff as the new potions master Professor Slughorn.‚ ‚ 

Other films to look out for in 2009

  • Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen
  • The Lovely Bones
  • Shutter Island
  • The Road
  • Where the Wild Things Are
  • Bruno
  • The Boat That Rocked

But c’mon Blast readers, tell us what you think. What films are you excited to see in 2009?

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Liz Rennie is a Blast staff reporter in Brisbane, Australia.

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  1. Kayla Rae

    While I do agree that Kristen Wiig is the funniest woman on SNL, aren’t we forgetting Andy Samberg?


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