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We’ve done some listening to Anthony Gallo’s speakers in the past (Blast, Globe). So we’re happy to take a look at the first photos and specs on his new Strada main and center speakers.

The Strada will feature a new impulse correction system as well as the latest version of the company’s patented tweeter: the CDT 3.

“Current market research indicates that size and price are the two most important criteria when buying a loudspeaker,” Gallo said. “So, the challenge was to make a small, visually attractive speaker that would sound great just about anywhere, in multiple applications, and still be affordable. We have tested them in a multitude of environments with a variety of mounting options and the Stradas have always exceeded our expectations. We can’t wait to audition them for the industry professionals at CES. Personally, I have a Strada surround configuration in my own family room and could live with that forever.”

The Stradas measure 6.5″ D x 12.5″ H x 5.5″ W. Each can handle 150 watts RMS of unclipped music power.

$1,000 each, so save your pennies.

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  1. Bob in Iowa

    Looks great but affordable at $1,000! Gallo missed the boat on this one. Looks like used Dues for my surounds and center channel..

  2. RLW

    No need to go with Dues, used Ref AV speakers are all over Audiogon for $1500/pr. And the Ref AVs KILL the Dues, I replaced Dues with them in my surround system.

    I don’t see the Stradas selling very well at that price level…


  3. Erik

    Uhhh…you guys are both way off on this. Have you heard the Strada? The Due isn’t even in the same category. The Strada sounds like nothing I’ve ever heard. There were tons of people at CES who said they’ve never heard anything close to it in the $1,000 price range.

  4. RLW

    I wasn’t touting the Dues, Erik, I specifically said the Ref. AVs kill the Dues. And, frankly, it’s hard for me to see how the Stradas could possibly sound better than the Ref. AVs…

    IMHO, the Stradas are over-priced by about $200-$300 each. Especially since there are Ref. AVs, brand new, at Audiogon for $1900/pr. or less.

    And, finally, I find the Stradas to be somewhat un-attractive – they’re too thick through the middle and they do not appear to have a grille available.

    No thanks, I’ll stick with my Ref. 3.1s, Ref. AVs, and Ref. AV Center for the forseeable future…


  5. Erik

    I can fully understand what you are saying. Yes, the AV’s kill the Dues. I have AV’s and love them. I could not believe how much better the Strada is. I didn’t think it was possible, but the new technology makes the Strada better at a cheaper price. If you give them a listen, I think you will be blown away.

    That said, if you think they are ugly then it doesn’t matter what they sound like!

    Glad to see another Gallo owner though.

    • Bullfar

      Hi, I have a new Strada with TR3 subwoofer, I am amazed with the sound, I sold my Reference 3.1 for purchase the Strada and the change in sound is amazing. The Stradas are better, much better in all the ways, than the 3.1 that I had with Mapleshade stands, including better bass with the TR3, better midrange, much better pure and liquid treble and outstanding 3d imaging. Awesome!!!!!


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