For a reality-dating show that has a spin-off and is now in its 13th season, you’d expect that it has been wildly successful, right? Wrong.

In the past 12 seasons, ABC’s “The Bachelor” has ended each of its seasons with a finale ceremony where the bachelor is expected to propose to the “winner.” Of the 12 seasons only five have resulted in a proposal; none have resulted in marriage.

However, there is still hope: season six couple Byron Velvick and Mary Delgado were rumored to be planning a 2008 wedding, despite Delgado’s November 2007 arrest where she was charged with assaulting Velvick, the charges were later dropped. No wedding has happened yet, but the couple is still together.

And, if that doesn’t convince you enough, maybe ABC’s new spin on the 13th season will.

This season, bachelor Jason Mesnick, an account executive from Washington and runner-up on the latest season of spin-off show, “The Bachelorette,” brings a new twist to the show: his three-year-old son, Ty.

Mesnick was a fan-favorite on last season’s “The Bachelorette.” Female fans reached out with sympathy and support for the single-father when he lost to Jesse Csincsak in the fight for DeAnna Pappas’ heart on the fourth season of the show. ABC decided to have the hunky 32-year-old bachelor return for his own quest to find love with his own show in the 13th season of “The Bachelor”.

Though the two-hour premiere doesn’t air until tonight, Mesnick has reportedly found exactly what he was looking for, and is “completely in love.” Few details have been revealed, but Mesnick has said the reality dating series is the reason he is currently engaged.

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  1. Debbie

    Whose brainy idea was it to show the final shot of this series at the end of the first episode of Bachelor Jason’s sequel? Do you think your watchers are so dumb they can’t figure out the winner was NOT Deanna, Raquel, or anyone else with really DARK hair, and the winner certainly was NOT one of the lighter haired women! I don’t even want to watch this Bachelor sequel b/c their “ingenious” production people just showed the ending and pretty much gave the whole show away!!!


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