Jorge Hernandez became so frustrated with Bush that when Obama was running for President of the United States he was more than ready to support him.‚  A music industry professional, he ventured into the world of party planning by designing a “Georgie is Outta Here” party in a box set. Now, he is successfully selling them online.

All the items, which include paper plates, cups, party hats, napkins, balloons, a table cloth with “Bush-isms,” and the infamous “Pin the Tail on the Ass’s Ass” game,‚ are branded with the logo Hernandez created of an animated Bush face with Dumbo-like ears.

“It’s a really provocative product,” Hernandez said. “I knew it would be something that people would talk about and pass along. I am a long time Bush critic, a year and a half ago I just started talking about having an Inauguration party to celebrate that he was gone and the idea would not leave me alone. I played with designs and put the party pack together.”

The design and the items to sell were not difficult to choose. However, finding a manufacturer to brand all the products was.

“From manufacturing to producing about two thirds of the original manufacturers refused to print the design. While finding a replacement one guy said, ‘I don’t care what you print, I put porn on plates.’ I sent him the design of Bush’s face and he called five minutes later saying he couldn’t print that. People are either extremely offended or extremely supportive and some think they’re going to get in trouble, or something, but the response has been on the two extremes,” Hernandez explained.

The party kit can be purchased online for $39.99, with rush delivery available, so that you can celebrate in style this January 20. There are also t-shirts and trucker hats available.‚  Hernandez also added that the product does not, in any way, disrespect the office of the president. His intention was to celebrate the departure of a man who made several wrong decisions and welcome someone, “competent, educated, inclusive and thoughtful,” who will help mend our divided country.

“I’m surprised to see how this product has been embraced by people across party lines. ‚ It’s a cathartic product for anyone who has felt totally powerless to express his or her disdain and frustration these last eight years.” Hernandez said. “It’s already creating this movement for people to have full on celebratory Inauguration parties all across the country.”

George Bush Party In A Box (Georgie Is Outta Here!) @ Yahoo! Video

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