This is the first in a 50-part food series called “No Fries in ’09.” I am pledging not to eat a single french fry in 2009 (as well as eat sensibly and exercise regularly) all year and come up with 50 delicious side dishes that are filling, healthy and NOT french fries.

I’ll be mixing potato dishes, veggies and whatever else I can find to fill me up.

Though, I’m sure I’ll need your help. Email me any ideas!

Dish #1 — Barbecue sauce-infused green beans

10 minutes — Under $5 — Under 100 calories

One of several downsides to giving up french fries completely: dipping sauces. This dish is a way to enjoy some of the flavor without nearly any of the fat or carbs.

It’s also one of the cheapest things you can buy at the grocery store. Even at the local and usually more expensive Whole Foods Market, I got a heaping handful of green beans for 89 cents.

Rinse your green beans thoroughly in a colander under cold water. Chop off each end of the beans.

Season your green beans as you wish. I like to lightly coat them in black pepper and add a few shapes of Adobo spice and Cajun spice mix.

Add a few drops of olive oil to a proportionally sized pan over medium-high heat. Add a quarter teaspoon of minced garlic immediately. When it starts to cook and sizzle, throw in all your beans. Using a wooden or sturdy plastic spatula, continuously stir the beans for about five minutes until beans are tender.

Then add about two tablespoons of the barbecue sauce of your choice and stir it in for about a minute. Turn off the stove and remove from heat.

And enjoy!

Make sure you don’t cook the beans over super-high heat or the sauce will burn, clump, and stick. I probably cooked mine a little too hot, but they were still delicious.

The whole dish is 8 Weight Watchers Points/BLAST MAGAZINE STAFF PHOTO/JOHN GUILFOIL

The whole dish is 8 Weight Watchers Points, but I get no points for presentation.

I paired them with two Tyson chicken tenders and some store-bought mini egg rolls. The whole dinner with two glasses of water is eight Weight Watchers points.

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