The good news is Bostonians seem to be sticking with their fitness memberships, despite the economy woes. Walsh finds “in an area that’s educated, people are familiar with the benefits of staying healthy.” And there’s plenty of evidence that working out can lower stress levels, which adds up to a higher level of wellbeing during hard times.

“We’re not first on the cutting block,” said Walsh. “We’re further down the list.”

Van Patten said she’s even had more customers at the Movement Center of Boston over the last few months than usual.

“What I hear my clients say is they’re giving up other things before they’re giving up gyrotonic,” she said. “It’s almost like brushing your teeth.”

In the spirit of the new year, the Movement Center is offering a promotion that combines a six-week Pilates and gyrotonic program with nutrition and lifestyle counseling to help Bostonians get a head start on their fitness plans.

“Everybody here is really interested in helping people achieve a more healthful or efficient movement pattern-just feeling good about their bodies and feeling good through movement,” Van Patten said.

Boston is not the only place where the new fitness trends have hit, Find a Gyrotonic studio near you here.

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