As Israeli jets hammer Hamas targets and Hamas militants launch rockets to Israel, Palestinian officials have confirmed more than 277 deaths and hundreds of injuries, CNN reports.

But now, even with all of these deaths, there is no end in sight. ‚ The U.N. has called for an end to the violence, however Hamas shows no signs of slowing down. Ditto for Israel.

Israel has deployed military personnel and tanks around Gaza, but none inside Gaza. Israel has shown no signs of planning ground operations to infiltrate Gaza, however it’s highly unlikely that they aren’t looking into it.

It’s certain that many children in Gaza City are very terrified and are most at risk. ‚ Their parents cannot provide for them and they must fend for themselves, something that is near impossible in a place that is being pounded by jets and rockets.

The U.N. is trying hard to pressure the countries to end the violence, but with the history these two countries have, it’s hard to see how any amount of pleading will convince them to put an end to the violence.

‚ The U.N. knows, like everyone else, that the conflict is much deeper here, one that they can’t solve so quickly. ‚ Demanding an end to the violence will not work.

The Red Cross and the World Food Programme are providing aid in Israel.

So far, 110 rockets have been launched by Hamas into Israel.

Even though this does not need to be said, hopefully this violence ends soon.

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