Pakistan has canceled all military leave and increased troop numbers in regions bordering Jammu and Punjab in northwest India, the Times of India reports.

A little further south, in the area bordering Ganganagar, India, Pakistan has reportedly begun renovating old bunkers, as well as constructing new ones. ‚ 

Pakistan’s troops are, in some places, as close as six miles from the border. ‚ According to the Geneva Convention, no country can deploy troops within 1.8 miles of the border unless war is‚ officially‚ declared.

In response, India has moved some of its troops closer to the border. ‚ India’s Border Security Forces (BSF) have provided the government with intelligence, specifically the number of troops being deployed by Pakistan and the types of weapons they are carrying. ‚ This way, they would be prepared if, let’s hope not, anything goes down.

India has also begun telling its citizens that it is unsafe for them to be in Pakistan, the Times of India reports. ‚ They’ve also asked the U.S., China and Iran to put some pressure on Pakistan to act against those involved in the Mumbai terror attacks.

It seems that it’s getting worse there by the minute. ‚ Moving troops within miles of war is bad enough, but India actually telling its citizens they are unsafe in another country is an official sign that something will go down soon if Pakistan doesn’t buckle down and cooperate. ‚ 

Other countries may not officially say it, but they are all thinking it. ‚ Pakistan needs to actually help the‚ investigation, not just say they will. ‚ If they don’t things could get worse, and no one wants to see these two countries go at it. ‚ Trust me.

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  1. Ranjit Singh

    pakistan playing games i do not think they ever get serious so how they get serious if they handover those people who are responssible mombi attack if they are not doing that that means they are not serious in that case india should get dam serious and do somthing that pakistan not even dream about it is time enough is enough you know what i mean ranjit singh


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