Scottish actor Robert Carlyle (Trainspotting, The Full Monty) has been cast in the leading
role of Dr. David Rush on Sci Fi channel’s new Stargate series, Stargate Universe.

Production on the eagerly anticipated series begins in February, and a two-hour movie premiere of the series is expected in the summer.

Carlyle recently made some positive waves, playing Carl Benton in 24: Redemption

“We couldn’t be more excited to set Robert Carlyle for Stargate Universe. He brings a depth, intelligence, and complexity to his roles, which will fit perfectly with the fresh, new reinvention of this franchise,” said Mark Stern, executive vice president of original
programming for Sci Fi.

Universe is billed as “edgier and younger” than the previous two series. It follows a
band of soldiers, scientists and civilians who find an ancient space ship that explores the far reaches of space.

Detractors say it’s too much like Star Trek space exploration-in-a-ship shows.

In this new show, Dr. Rush (Carlyle) works to unlock the mysteries of the ship and return the group home, but evidence of his ulterior motives soon arises.

We await with baited breath.

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  1. Jack O'Neil

    Spaceships ok but don’t get rid of the gate?? the set is still up right get some writers in ther get Amandan Chris and Michael what ever they need and make up some more evil foe’s heck bring back Ol’ George Hammond while your at it 🙂 I like Beau but just not the same Camron? I think he’ll be OK But Jack O’Neil (if he could be talked into it? should make some apperances 🙂 but from what I “Hear” I don’t know if im to excited about it? I’ll check it out no doubt and I’ll keep an open mind but im burnt out on Star Trek situations Thanks Jack …. (Spelt with 1-“L” O’Neil


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