Pakistani media is reporting that the country’s military is now on “high alert” over a possible attack by neighbour India, Al Jazeera reports.

The announcement came Monday after Indian officials handed over a letter by the last surviving terrorist from November’s Mumbai tragedy that killed nearly 170 people.

The letter confirmed accusations that all 10 terrorists hailed from Pakistan, India’s Foreign ministry reports.

The navy, air force and army are all on “red alert.”

Obviously, I don’t think attacking Pakistan is the answer. ‚ These two countries have enough problems, starting a string of attacks between the two isn’t going to solve anything.

Then again, the people of India are demanding some sort of action be taken in response to these attacks, especially now since it has been confirmed that all attackers were from Pakistan.

Indian officials have said that they will “explore all options” to ensure Pakistan cracks down on these kinds of cross-border attacks. ‚ They also called for more international pressure to be put on Pakistan, in an effort to make them co-operate in investigations.

I agree with that, there’s a lot more Pakistan can do. ‚ They’ve‚ arrested‚ some people but refuse to really do anything with them. ‚ Extraditing them to India makes sense to me, but not for them, since the arrested are citizens of Pakistan and many of them have no direct connection to the attacks.

No matter what happens, tensions are increasing between these two rivals, and will continue to increase until something groundbreaking happens.

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