It looks like plaxidents tend to follow Giants WR and soon-to-be-convicted-felon Plaxico Burress around. The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports that a 27-year old woman is suing Plaxico for an auto accident in May that left her with back and neck injuries.

Alise Smith is looking for $15,000 in lost wages, medical bills and damage to her car.

“Ms. Smith, who wearing a seatbelt, was rear-ended by Mr. Burress, who failed to maintain a safe braking distance, maintain a proper lookout or to exercise reasonable care,” said Gregory Dell, Smith’s attorney. “All of this was the cause of this accident and Ms. Smith’s resulting injuries.”

When compared with facing a mandatory three and a half years for possession of a concealed weapon, Ms. Smith’s lawsuit is the kind of legal trouble that Burress can live with.

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