Imagine being named after of one of the most despised genocidal maniacs in the history of the world. ‚ Three-year-old Adolf Hitler Campbell has that problem, and his neo-Nazi parents see nothing wrong in naming their child after a man they admire.

But while they see no problem, the man decorating cakes at ShopRite in Greenwich Township, Pa., does. ‚ He refused to write the child’s name on a cake for his birthday.

I’m still a young guy, but I do happen to know that, white supremacist or not, you always want the best for your child. ‚ I really don’t see how naming the child after Hitler will benefit him in anyway. ‚ He’s going to get his ass kicked in school. ‚ That’s a fact.‚ 

If they wanted to name something after Hitler, buy a fish or a turtle or something. ‚ The other fish/turtles aren’t going to hunt him down and kick his ass.

And I know it’s a parents right to teach their child whatever they want, blah blah blah. ‚ But when you are a neo-Nazi someone should revoke that right. ‚ You obviously have messed up beliefs, beliefs that no one in their right mind could agree with.

A similar thing happened up here in Canada a while ago. ‚ In Winnipeg, Manitoba, the children of a self-proclaimed white supremacist were seized by Child and Family Services after one of them showed up at school, twice in a row, with a swastika on her arm.

However, there was more to that. ‚ Chris Selley of the National Post, who reported on the story this summer, writes that Winnipeg CFS told press they seized the children based on several other complaints as well, including drug and alcohol abuse.

Winnipeg CFS also told media that they would never seize a child based solely on their parents’ beliefs, no matter how horrible. ‚ That surprises me just as much as it surprised Selley, especially when it comes to neo-Nazis.

“And in discussing the case with family lawyers, law professors, human rights advocates and psychologists, I found just about everyone agreed: parents shouldn’t, and generally don’t, lose their kids in Canada just because they happen to think Hitler”"the Fƒ¼hrer, not the toddler”"was onto something.‚ Right or wrong, this is not at all comforting,” writes Selley.

To me, it’s wrong. ‚ Children really shouldn’t have to be subjected to such an environment, one filled with hate and prejudice for no real justifiable reason, and really, no plausible one. ‚ It’s understandable that it’s their right to raise their children how they see fit, but authorities in Canada and the U.S. let it happen only because they have to give the same freedom to every citizen.

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